Brand: Timi
Product Code: CBM GD 818


TIMI Plastic Comb Binder Binds up to 250 sheets A4 Size,Punches up to 5 sheets.Flexible adjustment punching pin.Hole Distance : 14.3mm 21 holes

-The Binding Features:

-Binds Up to 450 Sheets A4 Size

-Punches Up to 12 Sheets

-Flexible Margin Depth Adjustment

-Flexible Adjustment Punching Pin.

Specification :

-GD-818 Comb Binding Machine Parameter

-Binding From : Plastic Comb,Clamp Strap

-The Max. Binding Thickness : 25mm Ring Plastic Comb

-50mm Ellipe Plastic Comb

-The Max. Punching Thickness : 12 Pages (80g)

-Max. Binding Width : Below 300mm

-Hole Distance : 14.3mm 21 Holes

-Adjustable Margin : 2.5 — 6mm

-Design Of Section : 3.0 x 8.0mm

-Punching Form : Manual

-Size Of Machine : 370 x 140 x 230mm

-Net Weight : 1.8kgs

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