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Brand: GBC Model: G07 193
Product Details- GBC Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 330 Sheets A4 38mm Black Pack 50Create stylish bound documents and reports with this pack of flexible and robust GBC binding combs. Made from high quality PVC resins that are resistant to chips, scratches and discolouration, these combs allow pages ..
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Brand: GBC Model: G07 81
Product DescriptionProfessional quality, accelerated productivity.Super-fast and easy to use, ideal for heavy use in the busy office or education environment. Next generationintelligent input sensor technology gauge the precise thickness of the pouch and contents and automaticallyadjusts throughput ..
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Brand: GBC Model: G07 88
ABOUT THIS PRODUCTA range of sizes and laminate weights specifically designed for the visitor, publicity, identity and license card applications. Sizes careful designed to fully ‘encapsulate’ card 250, 350, 360 and 500 Micron Weight options (total thicknesses) 50 or 100 pack options Usable with ..
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Brand: GBC Model: G07 87
Designed to protect and enhance regularly used documents or notices, document laminating pouches come in a range of weights and sizes up to A2, ensuring a professional high gloss finish every time. Even non-standard shapes and sizes are easy to trim while the unique Ez-In corner seal on 4R, A3, A4 a..
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Brand: GBC Model: G07 82
ABOUT THIS PRODUCTFor those who need a lamination system that guarantees superb results across the complete crosssection of modern materials – photos, colour copies, laser prints, high density litho prints and even digitally printed materials.FEATURESLaminates from ID to A3 (330mm)Pouch capability..
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Brand: GBC Model: G07 100
ABOUT THIS PRODUCTA perfect machine for small office use. The T200 can produce one 20mm (200 sheets) A4 document or multiple bind many smaller presentations simultaneously.FEATURESFast binding with a fixed cycle time of 40 secondsSimple to operate controlsDocument support and integral (21 mm) coolin..
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Model: JM 8171
Set type: Multi-functional combination setNumber of pieces included: 17PCSSpinning head type Y-shaped, cross, straight, plum blossom, hexagon, star, PoziMaterial: S2 chrome molybdenum steelWeight: 598 (g)Scope of application: precision instruments..
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Brand: M-BIND Model: A4 3 1 1 4BLU
DOUBLE WIRE BINDINGDouble wire is a continuous metal wire that is formed into pairs of loops that are connected together to make up a binding element. The loops resemble a letter C when open and viewed from the end. After the pages are loaded onto the element, the wire is closed into a circular shap..
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Model: OKYO300
OKYO Security Emboss Cheque Writer 300 - 16 Digits Specification 16 Digits Auto Paper Clamp Power Supply : 100V / 240V Power Consume : 1.3W ~ 13W Weight : 1.6 kg Dimension : 246mm x 117 mm x 126mm Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C Humidity : 20% ~ 80% Multi Currency : RM, SGD, USD, EURO, YEN..
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Brand: Rexel Model: G07 66
Give your papers, pictures, certificates and other important or frequently-handled documents a professional finish.Lamination will extend the life of any document as well as make it tamper proof once it's sealed within the pouch.Laminating pouches are slightly oversized to fit document..
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Brand: Timi Model: TIMI 318 MD
TIMI Note Detector is a machine to detect fake or real cash money. It can help to sort out the fake money using ultra violet light that maybe humans can never see the different using their own eyes.Cash Counting Machine is a device which help counting cash, in form of currency bills or coins. With t..
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