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ID Card Printer

Brand: Badgy Model: G13 02
A plastic card printer for printing cards on demand   The Badgy100 printer is ideally suited to your single printing needs and is perfect for limited budgets. What is more, its printing speed means that you can create a personalized card in less than a minute.   The Badgy100 package..
Ex Tax:RM2,800.00
Brand: Badgy Model: G13 01
Print small runs of personalized badges The Plus version of the Evolis Badge Studio software, supplied with the Badgy200* package, lets you easily import your databases. With Badgy200, you can quickly print small batches of personalized badges. The Badgy200 package includes: A Badgy200 ..
Ex Tax:RM3,700.00
Brand: Badgy Model: BADGY MONO
Black monochrome ribbon for 500 prints Compatible with Badgy100 & 200 card printers only..
Ex Tax:RM86.00
Brand: Badgy Model: BADGYTCARDS
100 blank white thick PVC cards – 0.76 mm (30 mil) Compatible with Badgy, Badgy100 & Badgy200..
Ex Tax:RM100.00
Brand: Badgy Model: BADGY YMCKO
Color ribbon for 100 prints Compatible only with Badgy100 & Badgy200..
Ex Tax:RM235.00
Brand: Fargo Model: FARGO45102
Monochrome ribbons print a single color Solid color only, no shades or shadows, does not work well for photographs Ideal for personalizing pre-printed ID cards, or printing on colored card stock 1000 prints Compatible with:Fargo C50, Fargo DTC1000, Fargo DTC1250e Dual-Sided, Fargo DTC1250e Sin..
Ex Tax:RM118.00
Brand: Fargo Model: FARGO45500
HID Fargo YMCKO Cartridge w/ Cleaning Roller: Full-color Ribbon with Resin Black and Clear Overlay PanelGenuine HID Fargo part number 45500 (045500)Prints 250 images per rollAvailable as EZ and ECOAlso replaces part number 45000 (045000)HID Fargo 45500 YMCKO color ribbons are for..
Ex Tax:RM353.00
Brand: Fargo Model: FARGO 45510
HID Fargo YMCKOK Cartridge w/ Cleaning Roller: Full-color Ribbon with Two Resin Black Panels and Clear Overlay Panel> Genuine HID Fargo part number 45510 (045510)> Prints 200 images per roll> Available as EZ only> Also replaces HID Fargo part number 45010 (045010)HID Fargo 45510 YMCKOK c..
Ex Tax:RM410.00
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